Tequila Mockingbird


Permanently Closed
  • Price (LKR)

    : 500-2000
  • City

    : Galle
  • Cuisine

    : Sri Lankan
  • Meals

    : Lunch/Dinner
  • Contact No

    : 0772 337 549
  • Open Time

    : 9am to 11pm

Should you take a ride down south of our country don’t forget to make a stop at the Tequila Mockingbird at the Galle Fort which serves you the best burgers which you will not forget in the time to come!.

This is my inaugural trip to the Tequila Mockingbird in the newly refurbished Dutch hospital location. We stopped for lunch and enjoyed the unusual interior decor and their even more colourful menu which were quite unlike what we had seen before.

We started by ordering “Passion & Honey mojito” and “Passionate” for thirst quenchers. It tasted amazing and I am sure you will not find a similar match to this drink that was as refreshing than this mojito! Finally we orderd lunch and I had my eyes on the beef burger which comes with caramelized onion, fried bacon, sweet potato chips and many more other items. It was not a big menu but boy was our tummies full. We laso ordered the “Spicy chicken and Yoghurt”. It’s a wrap and the plate had a variety of green on it.

The interior ambience of the place was quite eye catching and welcoming but outside was quite noisy and loud. The place needs to be well lit in order to showcase the lovely photographs they have on the wall.

Overall I enjoyed the food and their service. If you visit Galle Fort you would not want to miss this place for a different experience!

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