Breakfast menu
at Petti Petti Mirissa

Although restaurants in Mirissa are ubiquitous, Petti Petti Mirissa will be our favourite hangout spot for good food and an entirely chilly vibe by the beach in Mirissa with a promising view.


Santai Colombo

As all of you guys who have been with us since day one knows that Pasindu and I are very passionate about trying out new food and well, trying out authentic Malaysian cuisine here in Srilanka is of course new to us.


Fire and Ice Pizzeria

Fire and ice pizzeria Colombo is a nice family run authentic Italian pizzeria in Colombo, founded in Kathmandu, Nepal and also serving in Kolkata, India.


The Chocolate House

Chocolate House is famed for being a premiere outlet that sells imported chocolates which a lot of folks who have lived outside of Sri Lanka are familiar with. Apart from the imported chocolates they also specialize in making food which uses these chocolates as their raw ingredients. They are quite famous for their fried roll ice cream, waffles, crepes and chocolate beverages.


Doner & Durum

Lunch at Doner and durum : a unique restaurant which serves an excellent twist of Turkish Mediterranean cuisine with a Lankan touch to it.


Mama Louie's Pizza

Mama Louie’s is another new pizzeria in Colombo that opened up at Sooriya village, just a few months back.


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