Peggy's Cafe


  • Price (LKR): 300-900
  • City: Kadawatha
  • Cuisine:
  • Meals: Lunch/Dinner

Peggy’s Cafe kadawatha is just 6 months in to the business with aesthetic flies in the face of modern sensibilities and embraces the carefree, the relaxed, and the unusualcombining objects, colors, and patterns from many areas of the world.

I had the privilege of checking out this cafe a few days ago and the first outside impression was not that appealing but the inside view was incredibly done. Their interior atmosphere was very attractive with the Bohemian touch to it. Their food range was a fusion of lankan & western fast food which was very reasonable and affordable.

“Peggy’s Special Freak(800LKR)” their biggest beverage, I have tried a few freak shakes around the island and this came with an ice cream cone on the jar, a scoop of ice cream, an oreo biscuit, a choco stick, wafers and marshmallow arranged to a plate. The drink was too sweet and tasted like a chocolate milkshake. It was ideal to be shared for two but we couldn’t finish it due to the overload of sweet items.

The “Nutella Shake (300LKR)”, was also just another mediocre chocolate milkshake was topped with a marshmallow and a wafer. It lacked the nutella flavor but the serving size was generous.

“Triple Delight (890LKR)” selected from their burger menu, this tower burger came to our table with good (approximately) it consisted of 3 chicken patties, 6 bacon slices, a fried egg, 3 cheese slices and many more. The look was so delicious, but taste was just average, the bacon slices were quite hard and chicken patty was not upto the standard of my tastebuds, This tower burger can be shared between two but none of them can dig into it at once because it is humongous!

“Chicken cheese submarine(500LKR)”, I’m not a huge fan of submarines but I liked this one for the combination of cheese and chicken. Totally cheesssy with grilled chicken and slices of cheese with not much of heat from spicy. A good choice for kids.

Both items were served with French fries with just right amounts of salt and pepper sprayed but it lacked the crunchy texture.

I was able to meet and have a chat with the owner of the cafe where I praised him for his unique concept and the best thing was that his target audience was mainly the kids who are looking for something to much on after classes and talking bout the staff, everyone was friendly and helpful. They do serve the lankan favorites like rice and Kotthu for good rates and they specially they do deliveries within their first 3km limits.

Killing time is never considered as a crime act Peggy’s cafe so it’s an ideal cafe for anyone who is searching for a place to spend their free time along with some food cafe peggys Kadawatha is now on to the rescue

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