Monkeybean Cafe


  • Price (LKR): 500-1800
  • City: Colombo
  • Cuisine: Multicuisine
  • Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

We dropped in to the Monkeybean Cafe during the heavy monsoon season here in Colombo.

Being quite hungry after all we decided to go with something heavy off the menu.

We settled down with


  1. Hawaii monkey
  2. Meatball panini


  1. Hot chocolate
  2. Cold pressed apple juice


  1. Chocolate biscuit pudding
  2. Cheesecake

Hmm their service was quite a bit slow but yeah I understand what I ordered takes quite a bit of time to process as they told me that everything has to be freshly made.

In about 30 mins everything was served to the table. The drinks were the first to come.

Hot chocolate :
I now understand why everyone went bonkers for this!!
This thick rich hot chocolate, served with mashmellows on top is made from real melted chocolate instead of the basic powder so it genuinely tastes good and wasn’t too sweet either. Perfect for the weather that day hehe.

Cold pressed apple juice :
Ashanthini, the manager aka the big monkey hehe wanted me to try this from the time I wanted something to drink and my god I owe her big time!!
Just the juice of 4-5 apples pressed in front of my eyes with no added flavour, sweetners or preservatives, super healthy and a guilt free indulgence after all.

Next comes the mains,

Hawaii monkey :
Served with mayo,ketchup, and crisps.
This was a soft burgher bun,with of course the taste of Hawaii PINEAPPLE & quarter pound in-house made chicken patty (you are given the option of choosing the meat patty as u wish) & cheese.
I liked the patty and the cheeseness in fact it was tad a bit over pricey and I wish if it was a bit bigger maybe.

Meatball panini :
Monkey Bean is once again the spot for you to grab fresh panini so this is why I decided to go with a best seller of them.
Served with tomato ketchup these spicy meatball panini’s are crunchy on both sides with a good amount of meatball filling a bit more spicy, maybe because the inner Lankan in me will be very satisfied.
I like this one!

Then finally hopping on to the desserts:

Since I’ve seen a lot of good feed back on their cheese cake and carrot cake I decided to go on with one cheese cake and biscuit pudding skipping on carrot cake for sometime later.

Their desserts are freshly made in-house in their teeny weeny kitchen every 2 to 3 days due to the high demand.

Cheesecake :
Served with no topping at all, This cheesecake was again a killer! Rich silky and dense with an infused lemony taste I need some more of this!I highly suggest you this as your next coffee companian.

Chocolate biscuit pudding :
Chocolate and me = forever a obligate symbiosis relationship.
I honestly loved this because there was a decent amount of gooey chocolate icing instead typical Marie biscuits.Thumbs up for being an ideal pudding which tempted both of our taste buds.

Conclusion :
This cafe is quite small, and they are soon going to expand their area with a new upper floor. Boasts of both indoor and out door seating with chilled out music that matches to their theme.
Ideal for anyone who wants to work on their electronics or chill in peace as there is little to no disturbance.
Food is good but a tad bit pricey but it’s understandable surely due to ingredients cost climbing uphill month by month.
& Their service is good and friendly nothing to complain about.

Also they offer milk based drinks in both coconut/almont milk option.

Give this little kid a push by dropping in next time and don’t forget to tell us how your over all experience is

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