Mama Louie's Pizza


  • Price (LKR)

    : 500-2000
  • City

    : Colombo
  • Cuisine

    : Italian
  • Meals

    : Lunch/Dinner
  • Contact No

    : 0113 628 628
  • Open Time

    : 12noon to 11pm

Mama Louie’s is another new pizzeria in Colombo that opened up at Sooriya village, just a few months back.

Despite the fact in being the newest addition to the whole pizza thing here in Colombo, this new pizzeria, home for up-to 15+ pizza flavours, a few lasagne varieties, calzones, a few salads and a very unique range of beverages is already a popular crowd pleaser for thin crust fire wood pizza with a Lankan twist.

🞳 UK mozzarella is Buffalo mozzarella.

Aussie Spicy Lamb :
This Fiery tender Australian lamb pizza with the spiciness of bell pepper and capsicum sneaking up was well balanced with the milkyness of UK mozzarella & mama’s special dirty little secret Italian tomato sauce and not forgetting the taste of the earthy bitterness of black olives garnished on top.

I would say that this was the very best out of the lot that day.

Bresaola e Rucola :
Since I wasn’t a big fan of beef, I honestly didn’t like this one much as it wasn’t up-to my taste buds standards.

It had air-dried salted chewy thin beef slices generously lathered on mildly spicy pizza flavoured with paprika I guess, with wild rocket leaves and again milk UK mozzarella & mama’s special Italian tomato sauce. The crust as a whole was thin and crispy although the ends were a bit charred.

Salcicce e Pancetta :
Another killer pizza by mama’s!! Loaded with so much flavor that will be a hit with everyone in your family.

This cracker thin crust pizza with a smokey wood fired flavor, is spicy again with right amounts of capsicums yummm!! Other ingredients used were basil, sausages, chicken bacon, uk mozzarella & mama’s special Italian tomato sauce.

Please fold in half before u eat, it is pliable enough or the whole toppings will fall out.

Pollo e Funghi :
Was a bit of a let down than I anticipated though, for being not very generous on chicken, although it had plenty of mushrooms thrown onto it.

The chicken was spicy, with earthy mushroom, milky UK mozzarella & again mama’s special Italian tomato sauce.

The taste was just okay but I missed chicken on it.

Crispy Pitta Chicken :
Looked quite delicious and consisted of cream cheese, mozzarella, Chicken, onion and capsicum. Yiu can ask for kochchi if you need that extra spiciness for your meal. The bread was quite hard but the inside filling was quite creamy and flavourful which was a real winner in the end!


Hot Chocolate
We were given their signature hot chocolate which had been infused with authentic Belgian Cocoa. I found it thick and creamy and quite chocolatey which definitely made it flavourful and the creamy froth was a good combination as well.

Strawberry Mojito
It was quite sweet which seemed like an over compensation for the bitter strawberry flavour from the actual strawberry. I loved the presentation and the frothy thirst quenching taste which was not too bad as you continue drinking it.

Mama blue Mojito
It was a good thirst quencher on a warm and humid day. The lemony taste and the contrasting blue colour was quite appealing and I enjoyed the flavour and presentation of it very much.

There was a nice strong flavour to the cappuccino. I would have loved to see a funky design on the froth which would be appealing on the photo!

Conclusion :
it was all about carbs upon carbs upon carbs that day, but trust me who doesn’t like to have a bit of a relaxation in the heavenly greenary nibbling some great pizzas at a great price? Try them out, it will be positively glorious!

But pardon my grossness, but I’m literally drooling just thinking about it yet.

P.S best eaten hot, though we again sacrificed it for quality pictures.

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