High Tea
Amari Galle

High Tea

  • Price (LKR): 1200
  • City: Galle
  • Cuisine: High Tea
  • Meals: Tea

Checked out the evening high tea Amari Galle.

Amari Galle being quite famous for serving one of the most exclusive gastronomic delights Down South, surprisingly serves the cheapest evening tea experience in Galle For just LKR 1200 per person.

We got it served to the pool front because as usual we are very considerative on the quality of the images we post.

Served in a 3 tier platter with a collection of fancy foods with 6 savory items and 7 sweet items, you can select tea, coffee, ice coffee or any other juices as your drink.

The savoury range that day consisted of

Open face smoked salmon sandwich with honey mustard dressing: generous piece of pink smoked salmon on top of brown bread,the sandwich as a whole had a distinct smoky flavor and was very appealing with an attractive presentation.

Curried crab vol au vent: Pastry + creamy yellowish savoury crab filling which is a relatively good combo. The most common flavour was a sweet creamy fishyness probably why because it had tender crab meat in it

Mini grilled vegetable panini with pesto: Quick vegetarian bite that day after stuffing our faces with pasta from the pasta factory.

Stuffed with grilled veggies and pesto I kinda liked it for the rich flavour of the grilled vegetables throughout each bite.

Local herb crepe roll with cream cheese & pol sambal: The taste of the pol sambol was alright,but the absolute local favorite dish which goes along with almost anything paired up with a thin crepe nahh wasn’t my thing as it was a bit soggy and the taste was meh.

Cucumber and mint finger sandwich: Two cooling ingredients combined together to give that fresh punch for your afternoon tea.

Basically it was thin slices of cucumber slices on top of cream cheese and chopped mint on white bread. The taste was just as fine as it should be as the cucumber was fresh.

Mini fish bun: once again,one of the local most favorite beloved short-eats.

The filling lacked fish,like really has this maalu plan ever met fish? average soft bread which was alright and again the regular fish bun filling was onion-heavy, and odd.


Hazelnut Twist: was a tiny twisted crunchy bread stick with a drizzle of honey and a kick of bitterness.

Battenberg Cake: Two distinctive layers of pink, yellow and green sponge cake squares with buttercream in the middle covered in a lovely smooth texture with almond flavoured marzipan.

Fresh fruit skewers: Tiny pieces of fresh fruits like pineapple papaya and watermelon threaded on to a wooden stick.

Although the high tea menu promises items like Mini blueberry crumb with white chocolate, Chocolate torte with vanilla ice cream, Praline Frangipane. we found regular chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and vanilla sponge cup cake with buttercream frosting.

For our drink we were offered with a few good options in which we choose: Regular passion juice & mango juice with both the juices having met the elusive levels of fruit : sugar : water ratios properly.

Their High tea is normally served in their cosy lobby but due to the lack of natural lights indoors we got it served outdoors to the pool side. The view was a busy pool but yet the atmosphere was very welcoming with the vibrant colors of the restaurant.

I would suggest u to get it served indoors though because of the AC.

The service of the staff was brilliant although it took them 30 minutes to serve us we loved how they assisted us with each and every thing we requested.

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