Doner & Durum


  • Price (LKR): 500-2000
  • City: Colombo
  • Cuisine: Turkish Mediterranean
  • Meals: Lunch/Dinner

Lunch at Doner and durum : a unique restaurant which serves an excellent twist of Turkish Mediterranean cuisine with a Lankan touch to it.

We tried out the best succulent imported Australian lamb cigar boreks (cigarette pastry, because it’s rolled up like that and it has no relationship to cigarettes or cigars, don’t worry!) flavoured with authentic spices matched perfectly to fix the local taste buds which is why I couldn’t even trace that it had lamb meat in it and also the cheese cigar borek filled with loads of paneer & mozzarella absolutely delicious with the perfectly paired up green chillies and garlic flavours!

The chicken hummus pack was another guilt free crowd pleaser surely because it’s healthy and it had tabbouleh made with couscous, parsley, tomato & olive oil.

Also the chicken was well flavoured with right amounts of spice.

And then the delicious spicy lamb durum or durme is a Turkish wrap generously filled with loads of meat and veggies like cucumber, iceburg lettuce and purple cabbage, cut out the fries this is absolutely healthy!

In conclusion food at doner’s is really good so my only request is please do have your food quality constant because I’m gonna rate you 11/10 for splendid food.

For all of those who are yet to try out them, they are easily accessible at No 128, Thimbirigasyaya Rd, Colombo 5.

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