De Vos Cafe


  • Price (LKR): 500-1500
  • City: Colombo
  • Cuisine:
  • Meals: Lunch/Dinner

If you want to get away from the same boring cafes and have a luxurious cafe life experience De Vos Cafe is the place to be!

With a revamp to a new interior decor at the cafe and a make-over on their menu which looks chic and promising, De Vos Cafe will not disappoint the loyal returning customer.

My colleague and I went there for breakfast. I ordered one of my all-time favourite drink “Cappuccino” and their signature drink “Liquid Sunshine” which is a mix of pineapple and orange.

“Naked chicken penne alfredo taco”, this is a dish which is also one of my all time favourite with the taco filled with seasoned fried chicken and classic penne alfredo. We can select either a salad or French fries as one of the side dishes. I simply loved the cheesiness in the food which made it an amazing dish! The other main dish was their “Ceylonese channel”, which is a fresh Modha fish served with local ash plantain fries. Not a big fan of fish myself but given the small potion and a dollop of mayo balances with the ash plantain fries making it a locally delicious and memorable meal.

De Vos Cafe gave me a unique experience, with a lovely ambience and a friendly. They also had yummy looking cakes and bakery items which I could not have as I was full. I will definitely try them next time..

Don’t put off trying this amazing experience. I can guarantee it is definitely worth every rupee you spend.

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