Coconut Restaurant
at Cantaloupe Aqua


  • Price (LKR)

    : 400-2000
  • City

    : Unawatuna
  • Cuisine

    : Sri Lankan, Western
  • Meals

    : Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
  • Contact No

    : 0917 200 500
  • Open Hours

    : -

Cantaloupe Aqua is a Unique Hotel and a Beach Club with a paradisal ocean view along the tropical stretch of the Galle coastline.

The hotel’s restaurant namely “THE COCONUT” - is a fusion restaurant that serves innovative Sri Lankan and Thai cuisine with really affordable prices for a 4 star hotel.

Their menu mainly comprises a blend of Sri Lankan & Thai cuisine and do have some unique food items such as the “Vegetable burgher” which was a blend of Srilanka and Europe, As it was a massive burger with a polo’s patty and a load of French fries and really affordable for the pricing as well.

For beverages I selected the “Soother(450LKR)” from their mocktails menu as it had lime and mint because any combination with lime & mint is my thing. I would definitely recommend their “Soother” to any lime and mint combination lover at anytime because the soother was not your regular mojito but was a unique one with a tad bit stronger flavour than the usual regular mojito and with a good lime & mint comprise with a low sugar level. & the glass they served also got my attention as it was a little bit bigger than the other places.

And their “Chocolate Milkshake(400LKR)" which was a good balance of chocolate with the just right levels of sugar. And one more good deed that I noticed and appreciate about Cantaloupe Aqua was that they are a step ahead of many hotels because they are using the eco friendly metal straws when serving their drinks.

For my main meal I went on with the “Seafood Nasi” which was the regular Indonesian fried rice with shrimp, squid and MAHI MAHI fish served with chicken satays dipped in sweet peanut sauce topped with crunchy peanuts and a fried egg and also they didn’t forget to add the lankan touch to it with the local favorite the “papadam” and was also well worth for a 800LKR.

The fried rice was really fragrant than the regular Nasigoorang smell of and the colour was just right and appealing but when it came to the taste, The taste was mediocre and nothing fancy. It lacked flavour or maybe I was expecting too much from it because of its good looks. While the chicken satays were just right as the meat was properly grilled and dipped on to the sweet peanut butter sauce.

The overall experience was excellent with a friendly supportive staff specially the girl with a big smile at the reception, Taneesha.

Whenever you are around unawatuna and koggla don’t miss out the food experience at the coconut.

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