• Price (LKR): 400-1900
  • City: Colombo
  • Cuisine: Desserts
  • Meals: Desserts

With an eye catching backdrop speaking out for itself, about the overall experience life just got sweeter, Chocoholics is another dessert place in Colombo dedicated specifically for chocolate.

When I say chocolate, this is an entire chocolate house which will make you go bonkers as soon as you spot the three overflowing chocolate fountains as you enter the cafe.
They use Belgian chocolate on all their products and almost everything is made right in front of our own eyes.

The menu at chocoholics is more vast than what I expected it to be: with options like pancakes, brownies, waffles, crepes, dipsticks, and churros, they have the inner child in all of all of us covered.

Pasindu and I decided to settle down with a few items off their menu after so much of thinking because everything here looked so interesting and equally good.

Also one thing I noticed was that their prices were fair when compared with the portion sizes.

Strawberry & cream cheese milkshake (700LKR)
This thick creamy strawberry goodness tastes very milky and the taste of strawberry was ample in this. I liked how the mild sourness of strawberries were well balanced with just right amounts of sweetness accompanied with the milky creaminess of cream cheese.

A chocoholics treat (900LKR)
This hot beverage is an overall new experience to me. I had to mix Chocolate cubes with hot milk and a hot coffee shot
Chocolate milk and a coffee shot by my own, stir it and add sweetness according to my taste.
The outcome was something similar to cappuccino with an underlying taste of chocolate.I preferd this one the most,as it was unique in taste.

Tropical crepe twist (900LKR)
Made with milk, eggs and flour.
Generously filled in with lots of sliced bananas,strawberries and grapes,topped on with lots of chocolate both dark and milky this crepe was indeed a succeelent dish served with an extra shot of chocolate for an extra chocoholic overdose.
Unfortunately it was quite stretchy when we enjoyed it finally as we kept our food out too long for pics.

Mixed fruit waffle (1200LKR)
Haha the favorite pick of the day,this waffle was just perfect!
It had a perfect crunchy texture to it with loads of melted chocolate (dark, milk, white) and sweetness/sourness of fresh fruits (strawberries and grapes) balancing every bite you take.

Classic pancake (700LKR)
The pancakes were fluffy and golden on both sides. Five pancakes neatly stacked one over the other served with a shot of maple syrup and garnished with a sliced strawberry on top.
The reason why we chose it was because it wasn’t moving much as the other dishes at chocoholics but trust me it looks so good and maple syrup dripping from sides is very satisfying to watch as well.
Give this a shot next time but make sure you have it as soon as it is served.

My experience here is a whopping 10/10. Chocoholics is an impeccably clean cosy cafe which is easily accessible down the duplication road,a few blocks away from our favourite, healthy fast food chain in Colombo aka SUBWAY Colombo 03.

One great thing about their service is that they are very friendly, quick and efficient. Also we witnessed a lit of regular customers returning back to try out their favourites thus proving out that their quality of food is constant.

They also have a very few vegan options like fruit bowl and strawberry dipstick

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