Café UFO - Ella


  • Price (LKR): 350-2000
  • City: Ella
  • Cuisine: Sri Lankan, American,
    European, Asian
  • Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

24th May 2019 I was this desperately hungry loner walking down the dead streets of Ella which was completely running on loss after the sudden collapsion of the whole tourism industry in the Island after the 21/04 attacks.

I decided to check out Cafe UFO that day because I was impatient and to visit UFO was in my yet to visit cafe list for a while.

Cafe UFO is a place which cannot be missed when in Ella due to it’s unique architecture and much prominence but was hard for a local folk like me to get a spot in due to the over flow of tourist in there during the season.

Talking about the place,it is located a bit over the road level which gives the restaurant a good highlight and a view of the area and ample ventilation.

The restaurant boasts two floors of a wooden themed interior including the walls being made out of bamboo stick and a big thatched roof.

The second floor consists of beans bags where you can chill out with some good food and chilled out music.

Their menu is whopping, covering different ranges of food but their pizza & burgher menu was what caught my attention.Also I’ve heard that UFO is known throughout the community for serving good pizzas.

I selected Thandoori chicken pizza (LKR 1400) : a thick crust pizza with chicken, cheese,tomatoes,onion and bell pepper spread all over : an epitome of absolute beauty right in front of me piping hot with melted cheese.

Talking about the taste errm... Nothing to complain about, Crunchy crust, cheesy topping but wish just wish if it had more chicken on it.

Chicken Burger (LKR 900), A colourful green medium sized burger, with a freshly made hot hot chicken patty, slices of cucumber, tomatoes, onions and some secret sauce giving it that unique juicy taste and freshness. Served with crunchy fries and a good portion of coleslaw salad.

Lime and Mint (LKR 370), goes into my best list to the unique combination of getting the right level of sweetness with that strong mint flavour.

Overall I was quite please with my experience at UFO and yes their service met up with my standards and yes I would definitely visit it again in the near future but this time hoping that they will be overflowing with suddha friends back in the country.. Lastly we as a whole nation are resilient.

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