Black Burgers CMB


Highly Recommended
  • Price (LKR): 1300-1600
  • City: Colombo
  • Cuisine: American
  • Meals: Lunch/Dinner

We at the Travel for food team always take our burgers seriously since it is forever our favorite comfort food.

Various boneless, skinless meat, girlled or crispy fried served between two slices of  bun loaded with cheese, sauces and veges is always a big deal for us!!

While scrolling down the insta feed one day I came across an extraordinarily named burger spot Black Burgers which to me, seemed to be doing well in the burger business.

Located down the Wijerama Mawatha, Colombo 7, this new kid to the block, is another innovation by the guys behind Black Cat and TACOCAT was indeed busy and doing a pretty great job with their burgers when we checked in.

Surprisingly they never served anything in black sad in a way, but the also the place black cat cafe never had cats.

So according to the guys their best sellers are as follows :

Voodoo Lady - batu moju, grilled haloumi, hash cake, fresh spinach, herb mayo and brioche bun.

The Big Lebowski - Double Australian beef brisket patty, double cheddar cheese, smokey BBQ sauce, pickles, dijon, and a brioche bun.

Seoul Sister - Korean style fried chicken, sriracha mayo, Kang’s kimchi, cheddar cheese and a brioche bun.

The Dude - Australian beef brisket patty, smokey BBQ sauce, pickles, dijon, cheddar cheese, brioche bun.

In which Pasindu and I decided to settle down with the

Seoul sister(1299LKR)
at the black burgers is served with nothing but absolute love for crispy fried chicken and best eaten with soul/seoul music.

Korean style crispy fried boneless chicken with secret spices topped with cheddar cheese, lathered with sriracha mayo and kimchi (for all of those who are unfamiliar, kimchi is a fermented vegetable dish which tastes sour tangy and spicy) they have used the one from Kang’s kitchen Colombo, In between a sliced light but rich homemade brioche bun.

The taste of the burger varies between hot and spicy but generally it’s tangy-sweet with a kick of garlic and the golden fried chicken was just wow and non basic!

The Big Lebowski (1599LKR) :
Meaty and moist
We have been eating burgers in Sri Lanka for a while and we were craving a beef burger with a different taste,which failed pretty much.
This moreish burger was their signature burger and finally Pasindu’s favorite!

Juicy with double patty this was made up with great quality Australian Beef Brisket.
Lathered with Triple cheddar cheese and BBQ sauce mix topping up to more juiciness!
Finally here is the golden kid in CMB!

All their burgers are served with a choice of your own potatoes
(a generous serving of thick cut fries)

  1. Chilli salt fries
  2. Parmesan fries
  3. Herb salt fries

For our drinks we selected Hot chocolate(450LKR) and Cappuccino (450LKR) The cappuccino was mediocre with a strong coffee taste and both came with an interesting latte art.

Conclusion : It has taken the black burger team up-to 3 months in putting up this whole concept to work and they swear by with nothing but the best for you. Also to mention that although the market is crowded with all sorts of burgers as the demand for fast food is shooting up to the sky the hunt down for a good quality burger was very difficult for us.

In general as I said in the beginning we love love loveee burgers, and we always always go for burgers,yeah we would even die for it so well I would lie to you on this, although the burgers here may look a bit expensive at the beginning trust me their food is too good specially the juicy big lebowski hence I would say the gap for a high quality burger with great ingredients at a reasonable price was well fulfilled.

We know it’s not the cheapest burger but I think you will struggle to find a burger with quality ingredients at the price they are selling it at so try it and let us know as well.

Service : Although they were busy that day their service was always up-to standards.
Quick friendly service : I give them full marks on it

When it’s open?
Open everyday from 12pm. Find us on Uber Eats.


Dear black burger please be the same always and forever never let me down!
Thank you.

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