The Whizz - Kandy


  • Price (LKR)

    : 200-1500
  • City

    : Kandy
  • Cuisine

    : Asian, Fast Food, Cafe
  • Meals

    : Lunch/Dinner
  • Contact No

    : 0812 228 080
  • Open Hours

    : Tuesday to Sunday
    11am to 10pm

With one of the most spectacular view of the Kandy City and the skyline being too good to be true, this hotel is one of the best restaurants in Kandy. Foreigners and locals alike flock to this new age place to enjoy the breath-taking sunset and enjoying the view on their cloud space or sky deck. This is the restaurant of the Kandy City Stay Boutique Hotel, which is affordable for new lovers, good friends and even a family outing in Kandy. With a good view this famous place is much preferred to other locations in and around Kandy. It has a cafe vibe as well and can also be considered a good cafe style restaurant too which everyone can happily enjoy.

Our first review of the hotel can be viewed on this link "first review of The Whizz Kandy" and we decided to go visit the place for the second time to see if the place has changes during the pandemic time. The ambience back then was full of cheery youngsters and older couples settling in to enjoy the famed view. Now the place had visitors but with everyone following the COVID-19 guidelines. The ambience did feel a bit tensed and monitored but this is to be expected everywhere. However, no corona virus could take away the eternal beauty of the skyline.

The place has gone through with a lot of additions which means they have heard out their customers preferences and made sure they cater to the youth. Sure, enough the place was starting to fill up with the younger crows such as teenagers to university students. Their menu had very affordable items and this cost strategy helps the attract and keep the place occupied to the capacity as a result even during the COVID-19 times.

We tried two new mocktails which they have added to their latest menu. We first tried the "Cinderella" priced at a reasonable Rs.350 which is combination of pineapple, orange, grenadine syrup with soda. The presentation of the drink was quite pleasing on the eyes and against the beautiful view had a lot of colour in the drink too. Given the humid conditions of the countryside in Kandy it also helped to have this chilled drink to quench the thirst. This signature drink decorated with a piece of pineapple as well was welcoming and I would recommend it to anyone who would like to try it and would not mind the overpowering taste of pineapple and the citrusy acid associated with the drink and the sweetness which balances the overall great drink.

Next, we tried the classic "blackcurrant mojito" also priced at Rs.350 which had black currant, mint, lime, and soda. It tasted quite good even though it was not as great as the Cinderella. It certainly helped to have the nice berry taste of black currant on the lips and the chill helped with combating the humidity which was a definite winner for the moment.

Once we quenched our thirst, we moved to the mains and ordered the signature "Whizz Special". This was priced at Rs.1500 which was enough for two people.

There was a combination of French fries with con-card, an assortment of cheese which looked like mozzarella and cheddar which gave a burst of cheesiness int o the mouth and a homemade sauce which tasted sweet and sour with a hint of spiciness which went well with the combination. It was complimented with a chicken hot dog, a chicken burger and two cokes. With a massive portion my friend and I could not finish the portion. Coming in a long plate it did not seem much till we consumed the million calories and realised just how stuffing it is to eat it. Given the overload of sauces and cheese the crispiness in the fries went off pretty son but the potato taste with the combination was quite good. For those who are coming with a good appetite after a long walk of the Kandy town this is an appetite filling winner and recommend it to the beholder.

The chicken hotdog was nothing out of the ordinary and had a lot of fillings with a healthy serving of capsicum, lettuce, onion with a touch of tomato and cheese sauce. The bun was fresh which helped to enjoy the taste of the overall bun. It is ordinary and fresh which is good for a quite bite. Nothing too memorable there with the hot dog.

Given the chicken burger was a smaller portion to if it is ordered separately, the chicken patty was quite juicy. With sauces which include tomato sauce, mayonnaise and mustard giving it a sharp kick to the taste helped to enjoy the burger which was garnished with a layer of generous lettuce to give that extra veggie crunch to the burger. The overall experience on the burger was just the same as the hot dog. For a quick bite it is good to enjoy and nothing too memorable to comment on.

The overall ambience of the place was more oriented towards the younger generation. There were many that day and I am sure even on normal days the chatter of youngsters who are cooped inside the house now coming to the restaurant will be bothersome to the person that prefers quietness while enjoying the meal. Therefore, it is better for those people to come early before 12 noon or towards the sunset time of 6pm. This way there is less of a crowd and the place feels cosier. The place gets cooler in the evening with the humidity increasing during the day due to the people visiting the place and being packed. This also helps the photo enthusiasts who would love to come and take a picture of the glorious overview of Kandy and the beautiful sunset of Kandy. The clear sky will give some super pictures which will be memorable.

Some of the tables are accompanied with a charging point so it helps to charge the phone or work on the laptop. The staff were very welcoming, warm, and friendly exuding the true hospitality of the food industry and proud to be Sri Lankan to show the friendliness and this also helps to choose the place as it feels like home away from home. They also had another signature meal which was the Monster burger which was priced at Rs. 1400. Since we already had a hefty meal, we decided against having that meal. I am sure it is as good as the whizz meal and I hope everyone will take their time to eat their signature meals too.

To those who want to chill in the place a bit longer, there is Sheesha for 1700. Besides this they have a lot of items in their menu which people visiting the place can enjoy.

Overall, this place is worth visiting once you come to the hill capital in Kandy. It is more appealing to the youth but for those who like a bit of sound and funky ambience head over to the Whizz where you can make lasting memories especially against the sunset as they have one of the best views in Kandy.

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