The Chocolate House


  • Price (LKR)

    : 400-800
  • City

    : Colombo
  • Cuisine

    : Desserts
  • Meals

    : Desserts
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Chocolate House is famed for being a premiere outlet that sells imported chocolates which a lot of folks who have lived outside of Sri Lanka are familiar with. Apart from the imported chocolates they also specialize in making food which uses these chocolates as their raw ingredients. They are quite famous for their fried roll ice cream, waffles, crepes and chocolate beverages.

They have two branches namely Wellawatta and Colpity. We visited the Colpity branch. It was a small place with one side of about a seating capacity of 20 to 25 people. This place is quite famous for the youngsters to buy expensive branded chocolate at an economical price. They also pride in their regular discounts.

They do not have a large menu but you can select from a wide range of exported chocolate of your choice to make that particular food item which you can also add to your drinks. Even though they use special ingredients it is still at affordable prices. So we ended up selecting menu crepe, waffle, brownies, flurry and for drinks we selected hot chocolate.

Crispy Nutella & Chocolate Waffle (790LKR):
This is a huge portion which is enough for 2 people. It was covered with generous amounts of chocolates the ice tasted quite creamy and the waffle was quite crunchy.

Nutella & Banana Crepe with ice cream (690LKR):
The crepe was a little burnt but it was covered with a good amount of nutella and chocolate sauce. The icecream was quite good too. The crepe tasted quite average in contrast.

Hot Chocolate (390LKR):
We can select from a range of chocolate for the beverage and I selected the Galaxy one. The taste was quite good with sipping cream. The serving mug also looked quite big and homely! I would say the presentation was quite good.

Chocolate Flurry (690LKR):
There was a good level of froth on the flurry which tasted quite chocolatey rather than the watery taste you usually encounter. It tasted better after it had melted.

Warm brownie with ice cream & chocolate sauce (390LKR):
The brownie was more cakey than the usual fudge brownie. There was a decent amounts of nuts . It wasnt overly sweet but the icecream combo was quite a good addition.

They took quite a while to serve us the food, which may have also been because they were busy. We had do wait a good 30 to 40 minutes for our order.

The food was good quite average and not the most coziest of atmospheres. It is a good place for sweet tooth and chocolate fanatics especially if you love imported brands. The customer service was quite nice as they were helpful and helped us make our choices of the best chocolates.

Given that may Sri Lankans do not get the opportunity to eat branded chocolate items for a reasonable price I would say the chocolate house has been ambitious to step out and give the locals a sweet treat to enjoy chocolate from the world over so that you can enjoy it just like others outside of Sri Lanka would. Go try out the place and let me know if you found the place similar to any outside place and if it was worth your money!!

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