Coconutty Christmas
at "The Cauldron"


  • Price (LKR)

    : 400-1200
  • City

    : Colombo
  • Cuisine

    : Multicuisine
  • Meals

    : Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
  • Contact No

    : 0112 366 243
  • Open Time

    : 7am to 12am

Coconutty Christmas at Cauldron Colombo 05.

It’s again the time of the year, when people get closer than ever and families reunite; it’s a time of joy, love, and giving with the New Year, 2020 just around the corner with magical vibes with new hopes.

Your favourite chill spot, cafe cauldron is fully in the swing with the merry Coconutty Christmas theme.

I guess this is one of the very few best cafes to be during the Christmas for new food thrills they come up with for the season, but we at travel for food wish they will continue...

As you enter the usual retro-vintage style cafe, it is creatively decorated using coconut shells, proving that they have sticked well on to their theme giving out an immediate festive spirit with an amazing atmosphere.

Although it was a busy day at Cauldron’s they quickly too up our order of 6 items (3 new items off the Christmas menu)

We ordered : (Christmas menu items marked with a )


  1. Peanut butter latte
  2. Hot chocolate


  1. Pol roti kotthu
  2. Orange chicken with burnt butter rice


  1. Strawberries and cream waffles
  2. Coconut mashmellows

Peanut butter latte
This unique drink had a hint of coconut milk and also diary to it with a strong taste of caramel and an intense peanut butter & light coffee flavor to it with chunks of peanut pieces at the bottom.

Hot chocolate :
Served with mashmellows,thick with a right balance of actual chocolate and diary milk.

Pol roti kotthu
Definitely a triple cheesy (mozzarella, cheddar and parmesan) remake done perfectly as an alternative to the mainstream oily parata roti kotthu.
- Easily sharable between two.
Every bite is filled with the cheesy goodness and the strong pungent flavor of spring shallots, and banana peppers for an added boost balancing the milky cheesy flavour.
I like all of it although it was a not so spicy dish although they have topped it with pepper and chilli flakes it wasn’t very enough to satisfy the inner Lankan in me.
note: not everyone might like it as the chunkiness of the coconut roti is throughout the whole kotthu, but if you like something innovate this is for you.

Orange chicken with burnt butter rice :
Boneless bite sized chicken meat pieces batter fried and dipped in a strong orange tasting sweet and sour sauce served with burnt butter rice garnished with chopped spring onion.
the sauce was a bit too runny and I didn’t like it very much.

Strawberries and cream waffles :
Winner of the day for me, although I could not finish the whole thing as I was too full after the whole meal course this was my favourite of the day.
Crispy on the outside but light,soft and tender in the centre these waffles are topped with fresh sweet cream and strawberry slices and chocolate.

Coconut mashmellows
Coconut flavored soft are a good to go with hot chocolate!
These soft babies aren’t your ordinary mashmellows

Ambience & service :
Service at cauldron was tad a bit slow maybe it was because that they were fully busy due to the season also it was a Sunday with lots chit chat going on and on,on their comfy seaters with joy and laughter making the whole atmosphere cheerful.
prices aren’t unfair

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