SkinnyTom's Deli Cafe,


Highly Recommended
  • Price (LKR)

    : 300-1250
  • City

    : Unawatuna
  • Cuisine

    : European, International
  • Meals

    : All day breakfast
  • Contact No

    : 0912 250 662
  • Open Hours

    : 7.30am to 3.30pm

SkinnyToms, located right opposite the beach at 147 Devala Road Unawatuna is a passionate eatery specially aimed towards Westerners in Unawatuna with good food (so much of healthy and vegan options in menu) & great coffee, a beautiful indoor and outdoor garden space with helpful staff.

They serve all day breakfast as well

This cafe has always been my favourite spot down South for many reasons and if I was to name a few it will always be : the delicious food they serve, which leaves us instantly gratified with a magnificent presentation that makes my instagram grid more appealing and the backyard garden space where I love having pics of myself taken.

Here is what we tried the last time when we were at Unawatuna, for breakfast :

Cappuccino (400LKR)
Rich in bold coffee flavor and milk exceptional as everyone brags!
I over sweetened it as I’m addicted to sugar.
9/10 and yeah, its one of the best coffee that anyone can have Down South.

Hot Chocolate (400LKR)
Nothing beats the hot chocolate at Skinny Tom’s.
Trust me, it was so much better than I anticipated and I’m totally in love with it.

Chocolate Croissant (350LKR)
I’m personally not much impressed by this although the size of the chocolate croissant was humongous and totally worth the bucks. I didn’t find this much interesting.
P.S the chocolate in centre was not very enough for me.

French toast (1100LKR)
Damn good French toast with a splendid presentation.
The taste was very impressive and filling with the taste of fresh passion fruit and fresh bananas heightening up the taste of the sweet light toasted golden brioche toast slices on coconut cream with dehydrated orange slices for garnish. (I ate the orange slices for an extra vitamin C punch hehe)

Bacon egg Benedict (1250LKR)
Nothing beats their bacon egg Benedict as its one of their best sellers!
Clocking at Rs 1250 for one serve, (kinda expensive for some) this looked so good for the instagram also tasty with thick Hollandiase sauce on English muffin, spinach and crispy bacon in centre.

Opera cake (500LKR)
Desserts here look great and yeah they taste great too!
The cake was rich in chocolate flavor and the garnish was superb.
Good with tea, trust me!

In conclusion :
This will not be the cheapest option for you, if you’re on a tight travelling budget but that’s usually the same deal with places like this that are mainly located in tourist areas,but when it comes to the food, it is very tasty I mean I can assure you on that.
We have also given a shot to their hoppers during our earlier visits and yeah it was exceptional as everyone brags.
In the end as always their service has always been constantly stable, up-to the standard : quick friendly and efficient.

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