Santai Colombo


  • Price (LKR)

    : 500-1500
  • City

    : Colombo
  • Cuisine

    : Malaysian
  • Meals

    : Lunch/Dinner
  • Contact No

    : 077 662 1111
  • Open Time

    : 11.30am to 10.30am

As all of you guys who have been with us since day one knows that Pasindu and I are very passionate about trying out new food and well, trying out authentic Malaysian cuisine here in Srilanka is of course new to us.

We checked out Santai Colombo for lunch one fine day and here is how our overall experience rolled up.

A little into Santai Colombo’s background, it is a Halal (no beef nor pork) Malaysian restaurant located in Colombo 07 and has been serving good food constantly for up-to a year now. The restaurant boasts enough space for up-to 50-60 pax.

Most of the dishes at Santai is meat and seafood central but in case if you are vegan, don’t worry they also do a lot of vegan dishes for you.

We tried out

1) Milo Tabur :
This drink as you can see, this fancy drink is topped with undissolved Milo powder generously and more like the local favorite ice milo but much better in the taste of chocolate malt combo because they use imported Milo powder from Malaysia.
Perfect for mini hunger attacks as it was filling.

2) Green Apple & Calamansi :
I’m not a very big fan of citrus but we’ll Pasindu says that he loved it. The unique combination of green apple and calamansi Mocktails (something like narang) had him impressed. Also it’s just the juice of fresh fruit with no water nor sweeteners.

1) Satay Kambing (Mutton satay) :
A bit from my research in google satays are traditionally from Indonesia although it’s popular in countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Brunei.
The mutton satay at Santai was juicy tender charcoal flavour infused meat served with onions, cucumber pieces and two rice cake pieces with one of the best creamy peanut sauces I’ve had to dip in.
The sauce was less sweet and the meat was quite chewy and flavourful with lemon grass and spices.

1) Mee Hailam :
Fresh yellow noodles braised in a dark brown gravy with sambol belcan aka chilli’s paste with shrimp paste.

2) Nasi Lemak (prawn sambal) :
Although we had our food after it went cold because we want the best pics for your satisfaction, what amazed me the most was that the rice was still fragrant.
It was served with in house made shrimp sambal, fried crispy anchovies, peanuts, half an egg and cucumber slices.
The flavourful coconut rice had a beautiful texture and it had the flavours of coconut and pandan leaves well balanced.
The shrimp rich in curry flavor on the other hand was very familiar with the taste to us as it was spicy and tangy which instantly made us to love it, the fried peanuts and anchovies, which bring texture and crunch to the dish is an overall win/win.
The portion size was not that great, didn’t fill us up much

1) Kuih Ketayap :
At first sight it looks like the local favorite tea time snack, pancake but oh boy these green coloured babies deliciously soft with a sweet coconut filling just like pol peni was a winner.
The thin crepes were flavoured using pandan leaves (rampe) and the sweet shredded coconut filling sweetened with palm sugar.
If you are a high time sugar baby like me, this is the one for you.

2) Burnt cheesecake :
There is zero flour in this creamy baby leaves an after taste if caramel like flavour from the burnt crust.
This is by far one of the best desserts I have had in life.


If you ever want to try out an authentic Malaysian food fare here in SriLanka we at travel for food recommends Santai Colombo as one of the top notch picks, not because they had us over for a review but because they certainly served the best, even their pastes are made from the scratch by Malaysian chefs accompanied with a friendly service and Ohh their desserts are to die for!

Lastly the Malaysian affair was well served and the ambience was soothing as the name Santai translates to RELAX in English.

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