Petti Petti Mirissa


Highly Recommended
  • Price (LKR)

    : 500-2500
  • City

    : Mirissa
  • Cuisine

    : Seafood,
    Pub, Fusion
  • Meals

    : Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
  • Contact No

    : 0414 548 888
  • Open Hours

    : Open 24 hours

Petti Petti, box box in English, is a convetainer hotel project in the making, is one of the newest additions to the fine dining restaurants down south overlooking the popular turquoise beach strip in Mirissa with a whole new contemporary petti petti concept.

This impeccably clean, multi cuisine restaurant is a famous chilled out spot where customers come over for a dip in the beach or the infinity pool free of charge (dont ever forget your swim suit & they provide you with free towels) and then chill to good music after enjoying some mouth-watering food.

Being just only a few months old in the business, Petti Petti is already famous among the both local and foreign customers for hearty seafood delicacies, Srilankan rice and curry and good tropical cocktails accompanied with an extremely friendly and helpful staff.

We dropped in last Sunday around 12pm for lunch and it was just then the time they opened up their kitchen and the whole restaurant filled up with both local and foreign customers.

As we were offered with the menu by them we felt like it was quite a small menu but it had a lot varieties in it.

After a lot of decisions we chose :

Appetisers :
Coconut shrimp (900LKR)
Super crunchy golden,non greasy sweet, crispy, desiccated coconut/panko encrusted deshelled shrimp deep fried served with a sweet chili sauce.

It is by far, the best coconut shrimp. I’ve ever had up to date and I’ve had my fair share from most of the restaurants in Srilanka.
(perfect finger food)

Calamari (700LKR)
Thin strips of fresh calamari and veggies like zucchini and carrots dipped in tempura flour batter and deep fried,served with soya dip.

The calamari had a crunchy texture to it while the vegetables had a rubbery texture to it,probably because we spent quite a bit of time trying to get quality pictures for you guys. The taste was well balanced with the earthy and the umami taste of the soya dip provided.

For mains :
‘Petti Petti’ beef burger(1500LKR)
A filling flat focaccia bread burger with sweet tender caramelized onion,lettuce, tomato,and a grilled juicy thick beef patty flavoured with Italian herbs in which the oregano flavour was emerging out, with melted three cheese sauce oozing out,and accompanied with thick cut crispy on the outside soft in the inside French fries.

I can assure you that every bit of this juicy freshly made,rich burger is a party in your mouth.

Grilled tiger prawns(2500LKR)
Quite generous for the price, six large grilled meaty prawns marinated with chef’s special secret sauce served with a mixed garden salad,to go with a small cup of flavoured garlic yellow rice (it tasted more like the local special kaha bath to me,but the flavor of garlic was well infused thorough).

For desserts we went on with the local forever favourite staple dessert : dark chocolate biscuit pudding(500LKR) with a twist.

As I write now I feel the pain of missing it for real and I beg you to try this for me if u are a die hard chocolate fan just like me.

This chocolate biscuit pudding wins it all for being the best one I have had in the island uptill now.

It had this jelly like consistency with actual melted gooey dark chocolate ganache with less biscuits base.

The other dessert was : Sour banana fritters(500LKR)

A lovely tropical crispy treat best eaten warm with the served salted caramel and topped vanilla ice cream ideal to be shared but I wasn’t very impressed with this as the chocolate biscuit pudding won it all from me.

In conclusion :

Petti Petti Mirissa, located right infront of the Mirissa surfing bay has an extremely colourful ambience rich with summer colours like yellow and blue in the game,vintage set up in the upper restaurant area and #comfy #beanbags near the pool making it one hella place to chill.

It is a hotel in the making,in which the room doors will be opened up for the general public by the end of December 2019.

*Ideal for backpackers and dayouters for now.

*Try out their #chocolatebiscuit pudding : the local favourite dessert with a twist.

Also kudos to them as they follow up an eco friendly set up in where they use metal straws,glass bottles and no plastics are being used.

Also not forgetting to mention that 98% of their ingredients are locally sourced which proves that their commitment to sustainbility reaches high standards in helping local farmers and the local economy.

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