Breakfast menu
at Petti Petti Mirissa


  • Price (LKR)

    : 1000-1500
  • City

    : Mirissa
  • Cuisine

    : Sri Lankan, International
  • Meals

    : Breakfast
  • Contact No

    : 0414 548 888
  • Open Time


Although restaurants in Mirissa are ubiquitous, Petti Petti Mirissa will be our favourite hangout spot for good food and an entirely chilly vibe by the beach in Mirissa with a promising view.

They introduced their breakfast menu a few months ago and we are glad that they chose to reveal the entire menu to us at one go!

In brief to new readers, Petti Petti is a convertainer restaurant in Mirissa which has never failed to impress the crowd with a constant quality and a good variety of food items, from the local cuisine to pastas to seafood items with vegan and vegetarian options in the menu.

Here is what Petti Petti has got for you on their breakfast menu.

Sri Lankan breakfast platter
Pol roti, milk rice served with your choice of chicken curry, fish curry or fish ambul thiyal with dhal curry, coconut sambol and potato curry.
This entire plate looked like a heaven on Earth to me with the attractive vibrant colours of the SriLankan goodness.
The local favourite kiribath, milk rice they served was super milky and tasted delicious with their super spicy delicious chicken curry,seeni sambol and lunu miris.
And the pol roti had the local authentic taste of like what our grandma’s made at home back in the days.

Eggs your way low carb meal to start your day. (take off the bread)
Choice of fried egg, omelette, boiled egg or poached egg 3 eggs, pork bacon, chicken sausage, hash brown, baked beans, grilled tomato and choice of mozzarella or cheddar filling with multi cereal bread.
Once again neatly plated with all the freshly made goodies specially the hash browns, crispy on the outside, firm and tasty on the inside. Wow what a flavor to kick start the day!!

Breakfast avocado toast
Creamy avocado with a hint of olive oil, tomato salsa, feta cheese on well toasted sour bread.
This quick snack or breakfast is full of healthy, unsaturated fats, from fresh Lankan avocado, it is an effortless instant boost to beat anyone’s hunger pangs after a quick dip.
Once again it’s a thumbs up for their presentation and their generosity with portion sizes.

Egg hopper Florentine
Two Sri Lankan crispy hoppers with two eggs, water spinach, spinach, mushroom, grilled hollandaise and bell pepper.
Guys just look at this plated goodness, petti petti is so good with their garnish.
Unfortunately when we had it a bit late due to pictures but still tasted good and my advice for you would be to have it as soon as possible when served.

Breakfast waffles
Fresh crispy, perfecly baked waffle, served with fresh fruits like mangoes, strawberry, watermelon pineapple, avocado and oranges, with a mascarpone cream topping with roasted almond flakes and added honey bee for sweetness perfect for mornings for sweet tooth like me.

Healthy smoothie bowl
I’ve been a bit obsessed with smoothie bowls due to how good it looks and here is to my obsession, once again Petti Petti nailing it.
This aesthetically pleasing, vibrant goodness is full of granola, cereal, local curd outsourced from the South itself, packed with natural sugars from the tropical fruits, and pure honey bee.
Too many calories in one go for one person so you better share guys petti petti is always generous with their portion sizes.

Strawberry chamomile martini

Sunset cooler

My experience at petti petti just only got better by the day.

Kudos to the petti petti team for coming up with a breakfast menu well-balanced with healthy fats, healthy sugars, carbs and proteins for a great kick start to the day.

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