Moonstone Villas


  • Price (LKR)

    : 12000
  • City

    : Tangalle
  • Main Facilities

    : Swimming pool
    WiFi available
  • Meals

    : Half Board
  • Contact No

    : 0472 240 320
  • Open Hours

    : Open 24 hours

The Moonstone Villas is located in a beach front area of Tangalle, a famous city in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. Tangalle is one of the largest towns in the southern province and is located 195 kilometers south of Colombo and 35 kilometers east of Matara. Tangalle has a mild climate and is famous for tourism and is a popular holiday destination.

Deluxe and Superior Rooms in this villa include incredible views of the sea. The rooms have all basic facilities including air conditioning. The room we stayed in as mentioned before had a beautiful view of the sea however, not a closeup but a distant view. If you want to visit the beach you must cross the Katharagama-Colombo main road. In the villa, the greenery atmosphere is calm, quiet and serene. There are shady areas in the garden to sit and relax as well.

The interior design of the rooms are beautifully done with most of the furniture having an antique touch to it. The balcony/terrace is spacious and a lovely place to overlook the surroundings and relax during the evenings.

The usual cost of rooms are between $65-$85 which include bed and breakfast. The prices of the rooms also depended on the on-off peak seasons, the type of room of your choice and deals (example discounts of etc...)

They have bed and breakfast and half-board option to choose from. The villa serves meals in their separate Moonstone Restaurant and meals can also be arranged and enjoyed in the rooms or poolside. We started our meals with tea in the evening.

Tea time with pool front
We decided to have tea after a refreshing swim in their swimming pool. Their restaurant was known and famous in Tangalle for its pizza. Therefore, we decided to have their signature ‘seafood pizza’ with a steamy cappuccino. I can without a doubt tell you that it was one of the best seafood pizzas I had in a long time. It was a pizza of thick crust with ample amounts of prawns, cuttlefish and fish which made it extra special and delicious. We had the cappuccino under the shady trees in the garden area beside the pool.

We decided to have breakfast on the balcony/terrace in our room. We selected their English breakfast which was beautifully arranged in an attractive manner in their own unique style and served to us. The beautifully arranged main plate included sausages, baked beans, bacon, onions, tomatoes, lettuce and a sunnyside up egg with an amusing arrangement which can be seen in the pics. A side dish was also served with pancake and banana, complete with a fresh juice.

We had lunch in their main restaurant which had mouth-watering aromas of a combination of both local and western cuisines. They served bites and beverages all day long as well. The restaurant was open all around which gave an airy and open feeling as opposed to a closed and claustrophobic feeling.

The menu was quite a large one, which focused mainly on seafood and pizzas. We selected chicken burger and fish and chips as our main lunch meal. Although the burger wasn’t a juicy one, it was made of fresh meat and had a large salad portion. Fish and chips came with snapper fish which was soft, succulent and fresh with the right amount of marination and crispness. Both main dishes came with a platter of fresh and crunchy French fries which we enjoyed thoroughly. The platter included a carrot which was artistically and cleverly designed and cut into the shape of a fish which added a thrilling look to the plate.

Although the villa wasn’t a luxury one, the staff were very friendly, helpful and efficient from the beginning to the end of our stay in the villa. They assisted us with arranging our meals in whichever places we desired. They are attentive and prompt and made sure our stay was relaxing and pleasant.

The feel of the restaurant was mainly a calming and peaceful one, even though the villa was situated beside the Galle road. The trees added a special tranquil touch to the surrounding and gave ample shade to relax from the direct light of the sun.

Finally I must say overall the stay at Moonstone Villas in Tangalle was an unforgettable and pleasant one with a great view of the sea, excellent service, delicious meals and a peaceful and untroubled atmosphere.

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