Melheim Resort and Spa - Haputale

Boutique Hotel

  • Price (LKR)

    : 38000
  • City

    : Haputale
  • Main Facilities

    : Swimming pool, WiFi,
    Mountain View, Bar
  • Meals

    : Full Board
  • Contact No

    : 0575 675 969
  • Open Hours

    : Open 24 hours

Melheim Resort and Spa Haputale as its tagline suggests was definitely “An Infinite Escape into the Paradise”.

Haputale is a town in Badulla District with an elevation of 1431 m above sea level. In the Uva District. The hotel nestled 11km away from the nearest railway station in the green scenic mountains of Haputale is heralded as one of the best viewed hotels in Haputale and has one of the best views of the beautiful town. The hotel is situated smack in the middle of a forest and gives you a feeling of warm welcome to the village resonating the Sri Lankan warm hospitality which is definitely felt by the ambience. This can be felt even more from the Nature Trails of Melheim which is a map showing all the nature related activities such as bird watching, their fruit and vegetable garden with a great view point and a great water fall makes the entire outdoor experience a great one to cherish!

Their accommodations care given in two preferences the junior suites and deluxe rooms and we got a room with a panoramic view. We booked the deluxe room with full board price which came to around LKR 38,000.00 The hotel is surrounded by squirrels and our hotel room was also visited by our small friends in the balcony. We can also see birds during the sunset against the mist where the sunlight breaks out without hitting us directly onto the face. This gave a truly natural and magical feeling and threw beautiful shades of light throughout the day in our room.

The room was neat and orderly and the minibar was stocked well. The room architecture was done well. However on a completely cloudy day the room would be too dark but their spacious balcony compensates for that.

Their full board meals consisted of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Tea time
Since we checked in late after lunch we headed straight for tea. We had a scrumptious chicken burger which had a healthy serving of French fries and chicken wrap had a serving of salad. They had their seasonal price on the menu. I usually prefer my food on the larger size but this was still quite filling. We enjoyed our food overlooking the huge green mountains.

Later in the evening we headed for our dinner which was a four-course menu. We had a starter and soup which was quite appetizing and presentation was visually appealing as well. My parents opted for a portion of chicken and I settled to pasta. I would have preferred my food portions to be bigger as the cold atmosphere certainly builds up my appetite! It was wonderful to see that majority of the other guests were visitors from other countries enjoying the hospitality of our country.
I particularly enjoyed their dessert which was the highlight in relative to the food of the day. The brownies were so crunchy and delicious and it was so good that I hardly had time to admire the beauty of the presentation before I ate it all down to the last crumb!

The following day we headed out to have our breakfast after having our morning tea in bed to shake away the cold from our bodies. I opted for an English breakfast while my parents opted for the traditional Sinhala breakfast. But first and foremost we got a “Finger Millet Porridge” a herbal porridge which was a definite hit and a great appetizer before we started our main meal. Our meal were accompanied by juices as well. I felt the meal while it was comprehensive was not adequate in portion size consisted of an omelet, small sandwiches, tomatoes and some vegetable slices. The Sri Lankan breakfast on the otherhand consisted of egg hoppers, milk rice and onion chutney and a fish curry.

We had our lunch a bit late when every other guest had already checked out so we did not have much left to eat. My parents continued to opt for their Sri Lankan meals which was rice and curry and I settled for pork shops. They had ice creams for desserts which was not too bad and was enjoyable against the chilly weather in Haputale.

Overall the food was quite satisfactory with a few delightful bites every now and then but the level of luxury which we were expecting was not there.

The hotel staff service was quite good, they were helpful and very accommodating in every way possible. However since the hotel was situated close to a mountainous place the Wi-Fi signal was not as strong as I would expect.

The overall ambience, look and feel of the place was truly on point with great elemts of nature in every corner of the hotel. They had an infinity pool overlooking the great landscape. Guests can also view their medicinal garden which shows the ayurvedic medicines in the country and people can get a good education on them and see them first hand. The natural waterfall can be viewed not even a kilometer away adding to the amazing ambience of the place. The birds chirping constantly also adds to the natural sounds of Haputale and overall gives a great sense of escape and calm which is a stark contrast to the bustling streets of Colombo.

Overall if you are looking for a place to get away and enjoy a life in great comfort among the thickset of the forest, this is the place for you to go to, it is family friendly and certainly caters to a large audience of guests both local and international. I would not hesitate to recommend the Melheim Resort and Spa in Haputale to make some unforgettable memories, eat some decent food and enjoy an amazing ambience of our paradise island which we call Sri Lanka!

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