Mama Louie's Pizza


  • Price (LKR)

    : 500-2000
  • City

    : Rajagiriya
  • Cuisine

    : Italian
  • Meals

    : Lunch/Dinner
  • Contact No

    : 0113 415 415
  • Open Time

    : 12noon to 11pm

We checked out Mama louie’s Pizza new branch at Rajagiriya a few days ago, in brief it is a popular pizzeria that started out at Sooriya village Colombo 05.

Mama louie’s pizzas have always been my favourite for two good reasons : 1)The authentic taste of the oven fresh pizza from real ingredients great for the values you pay. 2)The crispy crust wood-fired pizzas being their specialty and its very less flour content.

Here I have rounded up all our personal favorite picks for the next time you need to satisfy your appetite from my recent tour to their newly opened outlet at Rajagiriya (No. 614, Sri Jayawardenepura Mawatha, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte)
As i entered at first, the outlook of its rustic contemporary interior totally amazed me as it is a whole new concept than before at sooriya village.
This new outlet boasts an ample seating area with AC and a colourful wall mural and the view of the Diyawanna lake from the pizzeria makes it an insta worthy spot after all.

Drinks :
Passion Fruit Mojito : little bit of a let down because being a fan of passion fruit I didn’t get the taste I expected.
Raspberry Mojito : very refreshing with bits of real fruit and lots of lime flavor coming through.

Mains :
Crispy Pitta Chicken : My all time favourite with loads of chunks of chicken bacon and sausages. I love this more than pizza for real although the bread was quite hard but the inside filling was quite creamy with tad bit of balanced sweetness and flavourful which was a real winner in the end.

Pasindu and I went with two half-n-half pizzas :

Pollo Pancetta Di Pollo Gorgonzola : Personally this will not be everyone’s favorite but the flavors of juicy chicken and chicken bacon pieces accompanied with blue cheese and UK mozzarella was my to go pizza that day.
I don’t typically like the flavor of blue cheese, but I love it on this pizza.

Aussie Spicy Lamb : A 13 inch crispy crust pizza topped with chunks of well cooked spicy Aussie lamb bits and a generous serving of UK mozzarella and lots of spiciness from capsicums and the special dirty little secret Italian tomato sauce with not forgetting the taste of the earthy bitterness of black olives garnished on top.
Certainly the best pizza I’ve had in a while and will always love it.

Melting cheese with chicken sausage : This cracker thin crust pizza with a smokey wood fired flavor, is spicy again with right amounts of capsicums made yumm with mamas special cream cheese!
The other ingredients used were basil, sausages, chicken bacon, UK mozzarella & mama’s special Italian tomato sauce.

Melting cheese with USA pepperoni and sausage : Growing up I was a pepperoni or sausage girl all the time. Now I find myself craving more unique flavor combinations. I love pizza with a salty and sweet combination which is exactly what you get with this one.
This Pepperoni Pizza has everything you want a great crust, tons of pepperoni hidden beneath lots of gooey cheese and also topped with lots of it.

Desserts :
Cookie : This might not be everyone’s favorite because it’s kinda biscuity not my type because I like soft chewy wet cookies.

Chocolate Truffle with Ice Cream : Rich in coca flavor, a beautiful exterior coated with a dusting of chocolate coating holds within it a moment of bliss in the form of creamy, melt-in-your-mouth dark chocolate with toasted nut pieces in every bite beautifully plated on with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

The pricing is very affordable even though quality is high when compared to the other pizza joints and we at Travel for food blog recommends and is our personal favorite pizza joint in town after all that hunt down for thin crust pizza. It is truly an authentic pizzeria that one can visit to satisfy their authentic thin crust pizza cravings.

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