High Tea
Villa Raha

High Tea

  • Price (LKR)

    : 2860
  • City

    : Colombo
  • Cuisine

    : High Tea
  • Meals

    : Tea
  • Contact No

    : 077 427 2255
  • Open Time


Villa Raha is a villa just a few blocks down the Macleod Road with a banging new look restaurant namely Culinary art by raha

We saw that they serve high tea while scrolling down their instagram page and then decided to make the necessary arrangements as in the reservation just a day prior to the day we were to visit!

They serve their high tea usually from 4pm and although we made prior reservations, it took them up-to good 30 mins to get the platter ready with just one drink.

The platter was a small three tier platter and the high tea for royalty comes with:

  • 2 Scones with cream and jam
  • 2 pcs pecan brownie
  • 2 pcs Smoked bacon sandwich
  • 2 pcs Cucumber with avocado and smoked salmon
  • 2 pcs smashed egg sandwiches
  • 2 pcs cheese cake
  • 2 pcs mushroom and cheese waffle melts

Out of the lot I would say that even though the prices were a bit pricey their scones too were different from what we usually experience, they were freshly baked, crispy and fine crumbly served with a yummy lemon curd.

And then the pecan brownies were heavenly, melts in the mouth with the rich chocolatey ness.. I honestly wish if it was a bit bigger though. And then the cheesecake was absolutely perfect!

Rich moist and creamy with a good milky base of digestive biscuits.

The savoury items weren’t honestly my thing although the variety was limited to 3 it was quite filling.

The mushroom and cheese waffle melts were good in texture and the cheese was abundant but the size was again tiny.

Then comes the one drink option, believe me this was one of the best hot chocolate’s I’ve tried in my life. Super good super rich and creamy with just right amounts of sugar

The food items were generally tasty but nahh for the price you pay, it clocks up-to Rs. 2860 I guess, well we deserve two drinks.

The ambience is generally comfortable with an artistic touch to it.

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