High Tea
Earl's Regency

High Tea

  • Price (LKR)

    : 1200
  • City

    : Kandy
  • Cuisine

    : High Tea
  • Meals

    : Tea
  • Contact No

    : 0812 422 122
  • Open Hours

    : After 3pm

One of the most notable five star hotels in the hill country side is the Earl’s Regency Hotel where you can enjoy a blissful evening high tea in luxury!

Situated in the cultural backdrop of Kandy their high tea priced at LKR 1200 per person and is served every day after 3pm in their Mountbatten Lounge.

As we had arrived early we had to wait a good 45 minutes till our food came. The food was served in two platters with 9 savory items and 8 sweet items. You can choose either tea or coffee as your drinks.

The 2 tiered platter consisted of Cucumber sandwich, Cheese toast, Cheese balls, Prawns pizza and more basic short eats that you usually see everyday. Overall it was just an average taste. However, the Cheese ball did stand out than the other items.

The next tier had the sweet items which again tasted quite basic. Serving Chocolate cake, scones, marshmallows, eclairs, cookies and a few more sweet items. The Chocolate items tasted better than others. I would have rather had their marshmellow I’m served along side their tea as the ones they served tasted disappointingly like the store bought ones!

We selected tea to sip on with the grand platter.

The atmosphere in contrast was quite relaxing with the view of the Mountain and the longest river of the island “Mahaweli” flowing along side it. Given that it was the dry season there wasn’t a majestic flow of water. Their service was of 5 star standard. The area did feel humid and this may have been because we had visited the place during a dry spell and was situated on top of a huge rock! It would have been better if they had some cold drinks to serve with their high tea to quench the thirst. Overall my expectations of the place was quite high but I settled for an average in all that we experienced. Let me know what you think of the place!

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