Fire and Ice Pizzeria


  • Price (LKR)

    : 500-2000
  • City

    : Colombo
  • Cuisine

    : Italian
  • Meals

    : Lunch/Dinner
  • Contact No

    : 077 114 6748
  • Open Time

    : 12pm to 10.30pm

Fire and ice pizzeria Colombo is a nice family run authentic Italian pizzeria in Colombo, founded in Kathmandu, Nepal and also serving in Kolkata, India.

Trust me when u call this place authentic, as it really is because there is a fine difference to the taste buds of us Lankans when we enjoy their food because Italians unless they are Southern Italians and Sicilian, Italians never liked spice, did they?

We checked to this lovely restaurant a few days ago, at first it looked like a regular small restaurant but oh boy, this restaurant is so fancy with lots of greens, yes they do have an indoor garden where you can peacefully relax at.

For starters we had: Rondelle di patate fritte light crunchy crispy fried Lanka potatoes with pesto & tangy tomato sauce :
Perfectly crunchy and salty crispy thin potato slices with in house made tangy tomato sauce & pesto to perfectly balance the saltiness.

Main’s : Penne Giardino (Cheesy Chicken Penne pasta with mushrooms, peas and onion in creamy Bechamel sauce aka white sauce) It’s packed with creamy, rich, cheesy goodness, with some tender chicken, mushrooms & peas to balance everything out and packed full of melted mozzarellaon top.
The creaminess was perfect well I would say that it was just right & the level pepper was an added plus point, not too much nor too little.

P.s : add a little more salt as we Sri Lankans love our salt.

and of course who leaves a pizzeria without having pizza?
We had : 12” pizza half of Salami burlone (Secret pizza sauce,chicken salami & extra mozzarella cheese) and Gambero pigro (cherry tomatoes, prawns, extra cheese & olives)
Out of the two both of us (Pasindu & I) liked the Salami burlone,we ordered it with extra cheese.The crust was not too thick nor thin and the pizza sauce in the base was flavourful with added salami.

Desserts : Chocolate mousse with a hint of rum, we liked this one for the chocolatey goodness with the hint of rum in every spoonful we devoured.

Walnut brownies : yummy humongous piece of walnut brownies, supposed to be served with in house ICECREAM but unfortunately the machine was out of order that we missed it!!
The brownie was quite good when compared to the rest of the restaurants as it was not cakey.

The service was unbelievable here at fire and ice pizza, they were another best team I’ve met in my blogger life who treated everyone equally with big smiles.
And also about the cleanliness, they do take it seriously, like very seriously.

In general it’s all about an Italian food safari with a whole new different taste but you can have your spice on the go, so go try it out
Also they are open on Mondays
Open everyday except Tuesday 12 pm to 10.30 pm

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