Fab Ceylon


  • Price (LKR)

    : 200-900
  • City

    : Kandy
  • Cuisine

    : Chinese, American,,
    IndianAsian, Mongolian,
    Sri Lankan
  • Meals

    : Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
  • Contact No

    : 072 228 0404
  • Open Hours

    : 9am to 8.30pm

Situated on the Katugasthota Road in the Central capital of Sri Lanka Kandy, this new concept restaurant and all day dining at the famous restaurant under the name of Fab Ceylon. Fab Ceylon is known among the millennial generation as a great place to hangout and can be considered as one of the best restaurants with great food served at a reasonable cost.

Given that the culture of Kandy is more reserved and cultured towards being more traditional, this was a restaurant that embraced the new culture of food and dining in the modern times but at the same time preserved the rustic traditional looks of the yester years.

This allowed the restaurant to be a unique place to visit outside of Colombo which is flooded with retro-rustic looking restaurants. This restaurant is a major hit with the younger generation, particularly with the teenagers as a good and safe spot to hangout after the COVID-19 lockdown. Given that the level of hygiene and following of strict COVID-19 guidelines meant that the business was thriving amongst the others in the hill capital. The pricing of the food is done competitively which allows anyone with a decent budget to enjoy good food.

When talking about the restaurant ambience, upon entering the place was decorated on the roof and walls with fairy lights giving a lovely party spirit and mood for those who were dining. This makes the diner feel very special as opposed to dining under a romantic dim light or a harsh bright light. The menu boards were designed as blackboards with bright off yellow caramel coloured chalk with the items written on it. There was also an interesting mural with a collection of famous life quotes and sayings. One side of the wall was decorated with the traditional snake mask "gara yaka"

While the other side of the main restaurant signage are interesting pictures and photographs of a typical Sri Lankan setting. This gives the visitor a sense of home away from home at their restaurant. There was also an interesting piece of artwork which had a collection of tire collage which I found fascinating amongst some quotes and sayings.

We went in the morning time so there was not much of a crowd. However the staff told us that weekends and particularly the lunch time the place gets crowded. So it is advisable to go during the morning time if you would like to enjoy a nice quiet and relaxing time at their place.

We can see the menu directly above our heads. We ordered two mains and two drinks

One of the mains we ordered was the Spicy chicken cheese pasta which was priced at Rs.400. The price for the portion was reasonable and it was like a kottu when you look at it in the first instance. It was filled with yummy and gooey cheese. It consisted of mashed potatoes, along with a healthy topping of roast chicken an sausages, It had a sweet spicy taste and was not your usual flaming hot Sri Lankan spice. It was not too bad and was an enjoyable treat to eat for a change.

We then tried the signature Fab ceylon cheese chicken kottu which was priced at Rs.600. This is quite famous and is much sought after for its unique tower like structure. It was featured on the internet through social media platforms and much like many enthusiasts, we also wanted to have a look at this famous dish. I can tell you that the presentation did not disappoint! It was a huge pile of yummy kottu with a healthy serving of cheese and topped with a generous amount of fries and slices of sausages. The sheer size at the beginning was quite intimidating in the beginning. The kottu consisted of pulled pieces of chicken and meatballs. There was a bit of soggy consistency which was due to the cheesy and potatoes being incorporated into the meal. This meant that the plate was loaded in meat and carbs. The French fries that were on top were spicy giving that perfect balance of heat and yummy meat flavours throughout the meal. Overall the dish tasted pretty good. Apart from the unusual and interesting display in terms of its presentation, the food did not taste any different from the usual kottu. However for that price it is certainly enough for two people to eat to their fullest.

Looking at the beverages a virgin mojito priced at Rs.300 was served. It had a healthy serving of mint leaves and was served chilled. This was a good thirst quencher on a warm day. It is vital to get this virgin mojito. It was a bit too sweet for my taste but it certainly went well with the kottu meal which I ate and was a good combination.

We had also ordered a chocolate milkshake for Rs. 300. The milkshake had a healthy topping of vanilla icecream which looked like a mountain. However, due to the warm weather the rest of the icecream melted and was dripping on the side of the drink which was not a smart thing to do. However for those with a sweet tooth, this is an enjoyable milkshake.

The food experience was quite ordinary and nothing that really stood out for me. They are also aviable on Foodie, Uber Eats, Pick Me foods and is known around in Kandy if you want to avail it at the comfort of your home given that times now are unsafe due to the COVID-19 pandemic and people may opt to have their food indoors.

The staff at the restaurant were friendly and helpful in their own way. Even the owner was quite friendly and even helped us select food from the menu. Apart from the food we ordered there was other varieties such as the black monster burger which was at Rs.600 and different types of soup, salad, fried rice, noodles, and biriyani. They also have some cool named milkshake such a freak shake which I have would taste interesting like the name says.

Close to 2km from the Kandy railway station this rather ordinary meal was availed by my friend and I. The ambience was good and the service. If you are not looking to a wow meal but one that is at a good price, head over to the Fab Ceylon Restaurant and I am sure you would still have an enjoyable time with family and friends. If you live in Kandy or visit Kandy, this is agood place worth trying out!

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