Travel Guide - Ella

Ella is a small town in the Badulla District well known as a great tourist attraction throughout the world for Little Adam’s Peak, Nine Arch Bridge, Lipton’s Seat, Diyaluma Falls, Ella Spice Garden, Ravana Waterfall, Ella Rock with ample good restaurants and good cafes serving good food.

You will probably end up staying longer than you actually planned to because Ella has a very comfortable climate where the nights are cool and the daytime around 28 degrees.

EKHO Ella, Sri Lanka

Ekho Ella Sri Lanka can easily be considered as one of the best sought after hotels to stay in Sri Lanka that falls under the luxury category of all the hotels in Sri Lanka. With its mountainous backdrop you can definitely look out for some jaw dropping stunning views of the hotel and look forward to all that the hotel has to offer to its guests and visitors.

Cafe UFO - Ella

Cafe UFO is a place which cannot be missed when in Ella due to it is unique architecture and much prominence but was hard for a local folk like me to get a spot in due to the over flow of tourist in there during the season.