EKHO Ella, Sri Lanka

4 star hotel

Highly Recommended
  • Price (LKR)

    : 53000
  • City

    : Ella
  • Main Facilities

    : WiFi,
    Mountain View, Bar
  • Meals

    : Half Board
  • Contact No

    : 057 222 8655
  • Open Hours

    : Open 24 hours

Ekho Ella Sri Lanka can easily be considered as one of the best sought after hotels to stay in Sri Lanka that falls under the luxury category of all the hotels in Sri Lanka. With its mountainous backdrop you can definitely look out for some jaw dropping stunning views of the hotel and look forward to all that the hotel has to offer to its guests and visitors.

Ella is a beautiful town in the Badulla district of the Uva province situated 1,041m above seas level - so much so that if you stand on one of its highest mountains you could even see the southern province of Sri Lanka! With cool weather throughout the year between 20oC - 32oC, the hotel is ideally situated closer to the town giving a spectacular view of the famed “Ella Gap” and is a walk away to the closest train station. This makes Ekho Ella one of the most sought-after hotels in the area.

The hotel provides their rooms in three types which are Deluxe, Junior Suite and Superior. We stayed in the deluxe room which had a wonderful view of the hills outside. The room is equipped with a minibar, mini fridge, flat screen satellite tv and Wi-Fi with an en-suite bathroom and additional bathroom amenities. Hotel rooms are designed to look like the authentic interiors of the trains in Sri Lanka and are identified by the names of famous trains in Sri Lanka. We had an early check in at 11am by which time our room named “Galu Kumari” was ready for us to lodge in.

For those who would like to splurge a bit more you can also enjoy a hot water bathtub int heir junior suite.

We opted for half board basis stay which means we were provided only breakfast and dinner for our stay at Ekho Ella.

Tea time
To keep warm in the cold weather in Ella we opted to have some hot coffee to be served with club sandwiches. To enjoy the panoramic view of the Ella Gap we were seated in the Alfresco dining area where you get the real feel of the cool breeze and the most literally touching your face giving you the real feel of dining in the clouds. The food was served warm and tasted quite delicious.

Our main meal for the day was dinner which was a 4-course meal. We ordered cocktails with our meals. As we looked around, we also noticed we were the only locals who were dining in for the night giving us a good impression that this is certainly a point where many tourists come to enjoy their time. Their menu also caters mostly for the taste suited for the western visitor. We started with appetizers and a soup. We order chicken and pork and the best part of the meal was that they always ensure that it is served warm. The garnish on the meals also gave the food a good presentation and tasted quite good too. The ambience of the dining room was low light in yellow light giving the feeling of fine dining to the guests.

Breakfast was served in a buffet style that consisted of both Western and Local food. Having both the combination gives all the types of guests to enjoy the best of both worlds food that is familiar to the foreigners as this is the main meal and also the local food as tourists can enjoy tasting and enjoying some of the most loved breakfast meals of Sri Lanka which is usually the traditional milk rice and lunu miris amongst many other varieties. The food tasted quite good and had a superior quality to it. One unique feature is the presence of pole cats a small feline in Sri Lanka who are considered as a wild animal but roam freely in the hotel and guests can enjoy feeding them firsthand.

I was quite happy with their service from the moment we arrived to the moment we departed. The staff was friendly, quite welcoming and helped me with showing their junior suites as well. I wanted to capture some amazing moments of my stay at Ekho Ella and the hotel staff helped me with the arrangement of tables and chairs to get the best view of the Ella Gap and the hotel views which are adored by myself and many others.

Despite the hotel being on the smaller side and does not have a pool, they have used the maximum advantage of the elevation against the mountain and allowed the natural elements to blend in with the hotel architecture which adds to the true magic of the place. This gives the people a feeling of calm and cold against the lush green mountains and the spectacular view of the horizon to enjoy the sun rise and sunset all in the luxury of the bedroom as there is no need to trek outside again to snap up some frame worthy photos. The hot tub outside the hotel room also gives the user the sense of calm and rest to contemplate on nature and its break taking beauties.

Finally, and overall
I would rate this hotel as definitely one to visit should you make Ella a place to stay or a lay over to a further journey. It certainly helps to rejuvenate and relax, with friendly staff always ready to help and provide the best experience of the place. Its strategic location closer to town means you are not too far away to travel to the railway station, visit friends or even invite friends over. If you want to take a break away from the hustle and bustle of the busy and humid city life in Colombo, head over to Ella and stay at the Ekho hotel and I promise you will not be disappointed!

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