Cafe Nuga
Healthy Organic Fusion Cafe


  • Price (LKR)

    : 300-1500
  • City

    : Colombo
  • Cuisine

    : Healthy
  • Meals

    : Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
  • Contact No

    : 077 344 5377
  • Open Time

    : 6.30am to 10pm

Cafe Nuga, an aesthetically pleasing famous greenery cafe in Colombo specially known for healthy organic fusion food and not forgetting their vegan options.

The cafe has an open kitchen area in which you can witness their chefs using the finest fresh ingredients to serve you with the best.

We checked out Cafe nuga sometime back for lunch and here is what we tried off their vast menu including the comfort food range (pastas, burgers), Lankan favourites with a twist (hoppers, kotthu) to the Mexican cuisine.

Drinks :
The robust flavour of the earthy coffee was in every sip in this lovely coffee with a big heart shape art.

Berry B Smoothie
Consists of fresh milk,strawberries and bananas.
The taste of banana was pretty much everything in this drink which is why I didn’t fancy it much, although it was truly filling it’s wasn’t my thing as I was a big time sugar junkie, I missed my sugar.

Lemongrass inspired ice tea
Refreshing ice tea infused with lemongrass flavour was chilled good to quench our thirst that day but nah was rather too watery for us.

Mains :
Crouching tiger hidden chipotale(Chicken)
A fresh Nuga favourite salad with chopped avocado for the creamy taste,shallots for a hot punch, black beans for starchiness and corn for that tender sweetness,tomatoes and lime for that fresh daily vitamin dose kick in and lettuce for that extra fiber fill up and pickled jalapenos for that sour tartiness and fried tortila and grilled boneless chicken with a chipotle dressing,a complete meal all in one with balanced sharable values for just Rs 960!
Easily share able by two this salad is definitely healthy,also available in the vegetarian option.

String hopper kottu (Mutton)
Although I’m not a a string hopper fan I deliberately wanted to try out cafe Nuga’s string hopper kotthu because due to 2 reasons:

  1. It was a fast mover
  2. The word KOTTHU in it

Chopped up light string hoppers made into a Srilankan favorite spicy delish filled amply with boneless mutton pieces and lots of veges like leeks, carrots and cabbage and garnished with an egg on top and served with a side spicy mutton gravy and green chutney.
Since Pasindu and I were hungry that day we finished this early although it was light, the portion size was generous and the both of us loved it.

Poke bowl (Teriyaki Chicken)
With aromatic Jasmine sticky rice sitting at the bottom, shredded omelette, fresh carrot, purple cabbage, sweet corn, seaweed, onion pickle, gherkin pickle, sesame seeds with flavourful terayaki chicken.
Absolutely an insta feed friendly healthy goodness.

In conclusion this lovely greenery cafe is an instaworthy place with a splendid service and also I heard that they do great hoppers at night, please go check it out soon and let us know.

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