Cafe in Kandy


  • Price (LKR)

    : 200-650
  • City

    : Kandy
  • Cuisine

    : Western
  • Meals

    : Breakfast/Tea/Coffee
  • Contact No

    : 076 128 2990
  • Open Hours

    : 8am to 6pm

Is there anything better than to start the day with some expectionally good food in the morning?

During my last visit to Kandy, I personally searched for a good place for my breakfast hunger pangs.

What easily came into my mind was yet another teeny weeny coffee shop called BUONO, a place famous for good coffee throughout kandy city.

Focusing on their menu, it is quite simple and mainly breakfast central, with a wide range of teas, coffee, smoothies, shakes, sandwiches, wrap, salads and yummy deserts.

Here is what we settled down for that day:

Drinks :
Cookie n Coffee Shake (550 LKR)
One of their signature shakes in the shake collection.
This shake was served in a jar kinda bottle, inside dressed neatly in chocolate syrup with a delicious chocolate chip cookie half on top and tasted mainly of coffee, cookies and milk.
Well the taste wise it was quite tasty but hmm for a whooping 550 LKR one could expect for more.

Classic Mojito (300 LKR)
Even when in Kandy I always chose Virgin Mojito, because it’s always my personal favorite and a soothing drink to beat the heat.
The lime and mint taste combination was good with a not so high sugar level.

Pulled chicken burger (350 LKR)
The burger was little bit smaller than usual, but fresh and well toasted with sesame seeds on top with tomato slices and cucumber slices at the base and 100% meat added to centre and lettuce and cheese for that extra filling.
I wanted an extra cheesey burgher because I was so much in the mood that I paid (100 LKR) for the extra cheese.

Chicken Wrap (550 LKR)
The chicken wrap had pulled chicken, avocado, tomato, cucumber and cheese with served with cup of tomato ketchup.
The portion size was very generous compared to the burgher, with flavor of chicken well combined with the taste of fresh avocado and garden vegetables.
It is a definitly a very healthy option for breakfast and I can undoubtedly recommend it to anyone who is a health fanatic.

Talking about their ambience and service, since I have visited this place a few times I can’t really get over their beautiful interior, how well it is maintained and the constant friendly service with the taste of their cuppa still being stable as day one! It has also been ranked as the number one spot for the best breakfast around Kandy in some travel websites and the place being full of tourists proving it.

In brief I was generally satisfied about the overall experience, specially the ambience and food. But I had to wait more than 20 minutes for everything to come and was quite uncomfortable for me.
Leaving out the cons, the final comment is that they do really good food in Kandy, specially the breakfast so go give it a shot when in the central hills!

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