A Minute By Tuk Tuk
(Galle Dutch Hospital)


  • Price (LKR)

    : 500-2000
  • City

    : Galle
  • Cuisine

    : Seafood, European,
    Asian, Sri Lankan
  • Meals

    : Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
  • Contact No

    : 091 494 5000
  • Open Hours

    : 8am to 11pm

Galle Dutch Hospital is one of the oldest structures at the Galle Fort now renovated back to its original beauty and has many visitors to the place throughout the year. The place is famous for its visitors locally and internationally as well. The cafe style restaurant in the Dutch Hospital Minute by Tuk Tuk has a unique ambience is a favourite for bloggers and foodies alike. They serve mostly authentic Sri Lankan dishes and are known for their exquisite seafood.

As we went out to eat here post COVID-19 lockdown you would usually expect a nice quiet place to have food but we were surprised to see the place packed with people and had to wait a while to get a decent table to eat!

Their interior set up is unique making most of the surrounding show its beauty while the restaurant faces the seaside giving a spectacular view of the down south beach to the visitor.

We ordered a starter called Calamari Twist that was priced at Rs.891. It is similar to your regular hot butter cuttlefish but felt they could have been a little less salty.

For mains we ordered a Black pork that was priced at Rs.1420. The pork was marinated with authentic Sri Lankan spices and was quite aromatic. This was served with a side dish of hot steaming rice, all famous local dhal or ‘parippu’, papadams and a pine apple curry as well. The wonderful combination and blend were perfect and anyone who visits the place should definitely try this one out! The pork was done right and it is better than the usual ones which are served with a bigger portion of oil layer.

In contrast we ordered the Tuk Tuk Mafia Chicken Burger which was priced at Rs.1278 is also their signature burger one where you can opt for chicken or beef as your preferred meat. It is not a huge burger but the patty was nice and juicy and the bun was fresh. There was a healthy serving of french fries that complemented the sea salt taste not too hard and not too soft either.

The constant sea breeze circling the atmosphere was a great change to the visitors and we enjoyed it all the way throughout or meal.

For drinks we ordered the Tuk Tuk Classic which was priced at Rs.488 which was essentially your classic virgin mojito. It wasn’t too heavily filled up to the brim with mint leaves and gave a nice cooling effect to help quench our thirst on the warm summer day.

We also ordered a regular Coca Cola priced at Rs.297 that was a perfect choice for the food which we had selected. This is an ageless and timeless soft drink enjoyed by many around the world and today we enjoyed the icy fizzy taste here in Sri Lanka.

Overall we had a great experience but due to COVID-19 new rules and regulations the usual smooth operation of the cafe was not as it usually is but this is something we are all going to have to adjust in the new normal. The ambience of a seaside cafe was spot on and would recommend the place to anyone who would like to stop and enjoy the beautiful view while you enjoy your food!

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